What is an Electric Actuator Valve?

2020-03-07 21:44

Electric Actuator Valve = Actuator + Valve.

Also are called Electric valve actuator

,actuated valve,motor operated valve,mov valve,motorized valve,etc.

Actuator is A driving device capable of providing linear or rotary motion, which works under a certain control signal. The actuator uses liquid, gas, electricity or other energy sources and converts it into a driving action through a motor, cylinder or other device. The basic types include   Part-Turn(Rotary) Actuator, Multi-Turn Actuator, and Linear Actuator.

Like pneumatic actuators, electric actuators are also an important part of the valve control system. It have ON/OFF type and Modulating type. The ON/OFF type can only be fully open or fully closed. The Modulating type can control the valve to open/close to any position. Received from the controller:4-20mA OR 0-10V input signal is converted into the corresponding Angular stroke or Linear stroke to control the valve to realize the electric actuated valve control compared to traditional manual open/close.

Part-Turn(Rotary) Actuators is suitable for controlling valves that rotate 90-degrees/1/4 turn, such as ball valves, butterfly valves, and plug valves,etc.Together is called Electric ball valve,Electric butterfly valve,or actuated plug valve.

electric operated ball valve actuator.png

Multi-Turn Actuators are mainly used to open/close gate valves,control valve,globe valves,and other multi-turn valves.Its motor power is relatively large, the largest is tens of kilowatts, have local control and remotecontrol.

IP68 multi turn on off,modulating electric actuator valve for gate valve, globe valve, control v.png

Linear Actuator receives the input signal and rotates the motor. Then it is decelerated by the reducer and converted into a linear stroke output to control various valves such as single-seat, double-seat, three-way control valves and other linear control equipments.

Linear actuator for globe valve.jpg

Electric valve actuator can also change to Manual when power off.