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Motorized ball valve flanged, Stainless steel control valve electric actuator

Brand Torq
Power Source AC220/AC110V/AC380V/AC480V
Appearance color Color optional
Environmental Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Types of control ON/OFF, Modulating
Turn Around Angle Scope 0~90°
Input signal 4~20mA/0~10V
Machine Weight 2kg~18kg
Material Aluminum Alloy
90° Motion Time 20s~100s
Nominal Torque 50 N.m ~ 2000 N.m

quarter turn actuator parameter.png

TQA Model is Electric valve actuator is   the Most commen used Electric valve actuator for ball valve, butterfly valve. Its Also are called Motor operated ball valve, Motorized butterfly valve, MOV valve Actuator.   actuated valve, actuator valve. Motorized valve actuator, Motorized ball valve, Motorized butterfly valve actuator

Factory Direct Sell Electric motor operated butterfly valve actuator, MOV automated valve, Motorized valve actuators on/off, MOV automated valve and control

Our Brand is Torq, OEM supported.

2 years warranty.   Aluminum shell IP67. Cost-effective, Fast delivery.

For more information, please click download the PDF file:TORQ Quarter turn Motorized Valve Actuator

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