Which Electric valve actuator you should choose?

2020-03-15 21:39 francis

There are many brands of electric valve actuators on the market. Naturally, there are great differences in quality and prices.

For example: Rotork Electric valve actuator is the leader in the actuator market, and AUMA have the most end-users, also there are some other famous brands, such as Bernard actuator, HKC actuator, Bray actuator, etc.

Linear stroke actuator for control valve.jpg

So Which Electric valve actuator you should choose??

Users use choose actuators according to their situation, since different projects have different requirements on the actuators.

It should depend on the flow medium, certifications, approvals, functions, etc.

If end-user do not have strict requirements on the actuator brand or approvals, Our valve actuators   brand is TORQ, which can replace AUMA,   Rotork, Bernard electric actuator valve, our machine can achieve 90% of their actuator's functions.

And We can offer your clients another option when clients have limit budget. 2 years warranty for our actuators! OEM supported.

TQE explosion proof actuator valve MOV 3.jpg