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30NM Plastic Electric actuated UPVC ball valve, Motor operated butterfly valve Actuator MOV

Brand Torq
Power Source 24vdc/110vac/220vac
Appearance color Color optional
Environmental Temperature -30℃~+70℃
Types of control ON/OFF
Turn Around Angle Scope 0~90°
Machine Weight 1.5KG
90° Motion Time 5s~20s
Nominal Torque 30N.m


actuator 30NM sizes.png

To save costs, TQA 30N.m Electric valve actuator is special made with ABS Plastic shell,   used for small size part turn/quarter turn/1/4 turn industrial ball valves, butterfly valves. Also are called Motorized butterfly valve, Actuated Valve, Valve Actuator, MOV valve. Motor operated valve, Electric butterfly valve actuator. Quarter turn butterfly valve actuator.   Motorized valve actuator    2 years warranty,   IP67.
For more information, please click download the PDF file:
TORQ TQA quarter turn Electric Valve Actuator series

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