How to choose an actuator for your valve?

2019-06-12 15:27Jason

Valve actuators are mostly matched with valves and are used in automatic control systems. There are many types of electric/pneumatic actuators. For example, angular stroke electric valve actuators, Linear stroke electric valve actuators, pneumatic rotary valve actuators, etc. The types of actuators used in the system should be selected according to the needs of the valve. The types of valves themselves are quite diverse, such as: ball valve, gate valve, globe valve, shut-off valve, plug valve, butterfly valve, etc. The uses and working principles of various valves are also different, but generally the valves are rotated by the flap Angle or lifting valve plate to control the opening and closing or opening and closing angle, the selection of actuator is to match according to the opening and closing mode of the valve.

We offer all kinds of valve actuators, electric and pneumatics, you can inquiry us how to choose actuators for your case!

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