Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve actuator use environment

2019-11-02 14:09Devin

In addition to paying attention to the pipeline parameters, the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve also needs to pay attention to its use environment. Since the valve electric device in the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve is an electromechanical device, its use state is very important in the environment.

Under normal conditions, explosion-proof electric butterfly valves should pay special attention to the following environments.

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve wiring

1 indoor unit or protected outdoor application;

2 outdoor open-air installations, with wind, sand, rain, sun and other erosion;

3 has a flammable, explosive gas or dust environment;

4 wet tropical, dry tropical environment;

5 pipe medium temperature up to 450 ° C or more;

6 ambient temperature is below -20 ° C;

7 vulnerable to flooding or immersion in water; 8 environment with radioactive materials (nuclear power stations and radioactive material testing devices);

9 on board or dock dock (with salt spray, mold, moisture);

10 occasions with severe vibration; occasions prone to fire;

For the explosion-proof electric actuated butterfly valve in the above environment, the structure, materials and protection methods of the electric device are different. Therefore, the corresponding explosion-proof electric butterfly valve products should be selected according to the corresponding environment.

Explosion proof IP67 quarter turn on off actutaor butterfly valve.png

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