Advantages of small electric actuated valve

2019-11-20 09:13Devin

1. Small size electric valve actuators have advanced parameters, such as working dead zone, basic error, and backlash indicators, etc., which have reached the world advanced level.

2. Using an advanced microcomputer system mechanism, it can replace the traditional servo amplifier with a smart servo amplifier, and can replace the original pointer operator with a digital operator. It can solve the problem of frequent display of digital display jitter.

3. The compact electric actuator is powerful and easy to use. It can be used in various occasions and has automatic diagnosis and automatic adjustment.

4. It can flexibly set and change the characteristics of the flow and improve the control performance of the valve.

5. The compact electric actuator adopts electric braking and intermittent adjustment technology, which greatly enhances the reliability.

electric valve actuator size comparison.jpg

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