Introduction of electric actuated fixed ball valve

2018-09-20 15:16 Devin

Introduction of electric actuated fixed ball valve

(1) Automatic pressure relief function: When the medium pressure stagnant in the valve cavity rises abnormally beyond the preload of the spring, the valve seat retreats out of the sphere to achieve the effect of automatic pressure relief, and the valve seat is automatically reset after pressure relief.

(2) Drainage pipe: The drain hole is arranged above and below the valve body to check whether the valve seat leaks. In the work, when the valve is fully open or fully closed, the pressure in the middle cavity is removed, and the filler can be directly replaced; The cavity is retentate to reduce the contamination of the valve by the medium. Auxiliary seal setting system (please specify when ordering)

(3) Operation and labor saving: The ball is supported by the upper and lower bearings to reduce friction and eliminate excessive torque caused by the huge sealing load formed by the inlet pressure pushing the ball and the sealing seat.

(4) Sealing performance: PTFE single-material sealing ring is embedded in the stainless steel valve seat, and the spring end of the metal valve seat is provided with a spring to ensure sufficient pre-tightening force of the sealing ring. When the sealing surface of the valve is worn during use, the spring acts. The lower valve continues to ensure good sealing performance.

(5) The valve is designed with an auxiliary valve seat emergency sealing system. Once the seal is damaged or there is an emergency and the seal cannot be sealed, the sealing surface can be repaired by injecting the corresponding sealant to the sealing surface through the auxiliary sealing system to achieve emergency. seal. When the medium being transported is dirty or contains a small amount of particles, in order to protect the sealing surface and ensure that the seal is available, the device can also be cleaned by injecting a corresponding cleaning agent or lubricant.

(6) It is widely used in the cutting or circulation of conveying pipeline media such as food, medicine, petroleum, chemical, natural gas, steel, environmental protection and papermaking. The device can also be cleaned by injecting a corresponding cleaning agent or lubricant into the device.

(7) Fireproof structure: In order to prevent the occurrence of sudden heat or fire, the PTFE sealing ring is burned, a large leak occurs, and the fire is promoted. A fireproof sealing ring is arranged between the ball and the valve seat, when the sealing ring is burnt Under the action of the spring force, the valve seat sealing ring is quickly pushed onto the ball to form a metal-to-metal seal, which has a certain degree of sealing effect.

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