How to protect yourself from COVID-19 /Corona virus?

2020-04-02 16:10SAM

Right now, COVID-19/Corona virus is spreading all over the world, USA, Italy, Spain, German are the most severe countries.

One month ago, China was also very severely affected by the COVID-19 virus. As of April 2nd today, China had more than 82,000 confirmed cases and more than 3300 deaths.

But now the virus infection in China has been contained. and the vast majority of infected people have been discharged. As an ordinary person who has been living in China, I would like to talk about what we should do to protect ourselves from COVID-19 /Corona virus.

(1) Try to stay at home now,Minimize activities in crowded places,And wear facemask if have to go out.

(2) Wash your hands frequently. Use soap or hand sanitizer and wash your hands with running water. Wipe your hands with disposable paper towels or clean towels.

(3) Spray with 75% medical alcohol for disinfection.

(4) Keep the environment clean and ventilated.

(5) Enhance physical fitness and immunity. Eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly, and work and rest to avoid excessive fatigue.

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