actuated ball valve

FIVE points should be considered when choosing electric actuator valve

01,electric motorized valve Output torque and rotary speedIf the valve actuator choose too large output torque, Once the...

What is an Electric Actuator Valve?

Electric Actuator Valve = Actuator + Valve.Also are called Electric valve actuator,actuated valve,motor operated valve,m...

Matters needing attention in the selection of electric valve actuators/Motor operated valve

There are many types of electric valve actuators. Such as actuated ball valve, Electric control valve...

How to choose the model of an actuator?

Multi-turn electric valve actuator, referred to as Z-type electric equipment, is the driving device for the valve...

The principle of an electric actuator.

Electric actuators + various valve bodies form another type of product - electric control valve (can also be subdivided into...

Disassembly and assembly method of electric actuated ball valve

Electric actuated ball valves are rotary valves of the angular stroke and have been used more and more widely in recent years. It has a 90 degree...

Introduction of electric actuated fixed ball valve

(1) Automatic pressure relief function, (2) Drainage pipe,(3) Operation and labor saving...

Electric valve actuator basic knowledge

The Electric valve actuator is simply an electric actuator that controls the valve open/close...

Installation and adjustment of electric ball valve controller

The installation and adjustment of the electric ball valv...

The difference between double acting pneumatic actuator and single acting pneumatic actuator

Pneumatic actuators are divided into double-acting and single-acting. The cost of single-acting is higher than double-ac

Types of electric valve actuators and the introductions.

1. Angle travel electric valve actuator: Output 90 degrees corner stroke, for controling butterfly valve, damper, ball valve and...

How to choose the right valve material for different flow medium?

We offer all kinds of Electric valve actuator! And Pneumatic rotary actuator! And have Manual ball valve, butterfly valve...

Characteristics of stainless steel 304/316 ball valve:

1. The fluid resistance is small, and the resistance coefficient is equal to that of the pipe section of the same length...