pneumatic actuator

Comparison of electric valve actuator and pneumatic actuator

1. Electric valve actuators have 8 advantages:(1) No need to install and maintain various pneumatic pipelines.(2) Electr...

Butterfly valve types - Linkedin article

butterfly valve types

Pneumatic Actuator and valve working principle

The pneumatic valve is composed of a valve and...

How to choose an actuator for your valve?

We offer all kinds of valve actuators, electric and pneumatics, you can inquiry us how to choose actuators for your case!

Butterfly valve common faults and elimination methods

First, the butterfly valve test and adjustment1. Butterfl...

How pneumatic actuator works?

When the compressed air enters the pneumatic actuator fro...

3 differences between pneumatic valve actuator and electric valve actuator

1, Structural differencesThe overall structure of the pneumatic actuator is divided into two parts of execution and adju...

The difference between double acting pneumatic actuator and single acting pneumatic actuator

Pneumatic actuators are divided into double-acting and single-acting. The cost of single-acting is higher than double-ac

Torq factory Electric/Pneumatic actuator valve

TORQ valve actuator has always adhered to "first-class products, first-class service", and conducted strict inspections ...

Different parts industrial valve leakage and its solutions

Valve body and bonnet leakage,Valve Packing Leakage,Leakage of the sealing surface...

Electric valve actuators are selected according to conditioning media parameters

The main features of the electric valve actuator are compact structure, easy operation and maintenance, suitable for common task media such as water, solvent, acid and natural gas, as well as...

How pneumatic actuators and valves work together?

The pneumatic valve is composed of a valve and a starter actuator. The detailed configuration needs...

What effect does the valve diameter have on the price of valve actuators?

The price of electric/pneumatic valve actuators on the market now varies greatly, largely determined by factors such as brand and model...