gate valve actuator

Comparison of electric valve actuator and pneumatic actuator

1. Electric valve actuators have 8 advantages:(1) No need to install and maintain various pneumatic pipelines.(2) Electr...

Which Electric valve actuator you should choose?

There are also many brands of electric actuators on the m...

FIVE points should be considered when choosing electric actuator valve

01,electric motorized valve Output torque and rotary speedIf the valve actuator choose too large output torque, Once the...

What is an Electric Actuator Valve?

Electric Actuator Valve = Actuator + Valve.Also are called Electric valve actuator,actuated valve,motor operated valve,m...

Matters needing attention in the selection of electric valve actuators/Motor operated valve

There are many types of electric valve actuators. Such as actuated ball valve, Electric control valve...

How to choose the model of an actuator?

Multi-turn electric valve actuator, referred to as Z-type electric equipment, is the driving device for the valve...

The principle of an electric actuator.

Electric actuators + various valve bodies form another type of product - electric control valve (can also be subdivided into...

How to choose an actuator for your valve?

We offer all kinds of valve actuators, electric and pneumatics, you can inquiry us how to choose actuators for your case!

Introduction for choosing the right material of electric valves

The selection of the material of the electric actuator valve is very important. The correct selection can make the valve work for a long period of time without failure

How to choose the right valve material for different flow medium?

We offer all kinds of Electric valve actuator! And Pneumatic rotary actuator! And have Manual ball valve, butterfly valve...

What effect does the valve diameter have on the price of valve actuators?

The price of electric/pneumatic valve actuators on the market now varies greatly, largely determined by factors such as brand and model...