UPVC, CPVC plastic ball valve Features

"UPVC, CPVC plastic ball valve" is suitable for light and heavy industrial and building pipelines. On the way of fluid...

Wafer type butterfly valve introduction

Commonly used butterfly valves are wafer butterfly valves and flanged butterfly valves. Wafer type butterfly valve is to

Three-way ball valve structure

3 way ball valves have T-type and L-type. The T-shape can make three orthogonal pipes communicate with each other and...

The installation and maintenance of ball valves

The most common valves are gate valves, globe valves, ball valves, plug valves, butterfly valves, diaphragm valves, etc....

Thread connection valve and Flange connection valve Comparison

Usually valves have wafer, threaded, flanged, welded, Clamp and Socket welding connections.Threaded flange valves and fl...

Characteristics of stainless steel 304/316 ball valve:

1. The fluid resistance is small, and the resistance coefficient is equal to that of the pipe section of the same length...