ShenZhen Torq Valve Actuator Co., Ltd is an enterprise who have been manufacturing Valve Actuators for over 15 years.
We offer Cost-effective Actuators and Valves with 2 years warranty! Our Actuator Valve sells good with very good reputation. Our brand is TORQ, OEM/ODM supported.

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Compress operation costs as much as possible,2 years warranty meantime

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We have a professional team with 15 years of experience, and imported production equipment from USA, specializing in the production of Valve Actuators, and offering Manual valves. TORQ have been on the market manufacturing Valve Actuators for over 15 years, now we are not only limited to China Market, but also exporting to 20+ countries all over the world, such as:Russia,Malaysia,Vietnam,Indonesia, India,,UAE,Saudi Arabic, etc. Our company consistent philosophy is to serve customer with high quality products and fast delivery. Quarter Turn Electric actuators/Pneumatic rotary actuators manufactured in accordance with international standards are suitable for butterfly valves, ball valves and other quarter turn(90 degrees), And Multi-turn actuators for gate valve, globe valve,Which are widely used in light industry, food, medicine, shipping, smelting, textile, paper, petrochemical, electronics, water supply and drainage, hydro-power, energy systems and other fluid pipelines as regulation and cut-off control devices.

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