New Updated model of quarter turn Actuators

New Updated model , Actuator for ball. butterfly valves.Quarter turn Electric valve actuators / Motor operated valve / E...

Explosion-proof Red color Electric actuator for quarter turn valves

Red color Electric actuator for quarter turn valves ready for shipping, Explosion-proof IP67 actuator for ball valve, bu...

Yellow Quarter turn actuator ready to ship to Russia

The custom-made quarter turn electric valve actuators have finished production, and ready for shipping now.Non-Ex, yello...

How to protect yourself from COVID-19 /Corona virus?

Right now, COVID-19/Corona virus is spreading all over the world, USA, Italy, Spain, German are the most severe countrie...

What are the advantages of electric valve actuators made in China?

1. affordable price,2. Reliable warranty service, 3.Fast delivery time

Why TQA model quarter turn electric valve actuators are so popular?

Why TQA model quarter turn electric valve actuators are so popular?It really starts with its functions: Quarter turn, ...

Whats the control model of electric valve actuators?

1. ON/OFF type electric motor operated valve actuator (open loop control)The ON/OFF type actuator only control the valve...

Comparison of electric valve actuator and pneumatic actuator

1. Electric valve actuators have 8 advantages:(1) No need to install and maintain various pneumatic pipelines.(2) Electr...

Which Electric valve actuator you should choose?

There are also many brands of electric actuators on the m...

FIVE points should be considered when choosing electric actuator valve

01,electric motorized valve Output torque and rotary speedIf the valve actuator choose too large output torque, Once the...

What is an Electric Actuator Valve?

Electric Actuator Valve = Actuator + Valve.Also are called Electric valve actuator,actuated valve,motor operated valve,m...

Butterfly valve types - Linkedin article

butterfly valve types

Basic principles of using Electric Valve Actuator devices

Basic principles to be followed in the rational use of va...

Classification of butterfly valves

ONE: According to the connection method: (1) Welded butterfly valve (2), flange butterfly valve (3), lug butterfly valve (4) Wafer type butterfly valve

Matters needing attention in the selection of electric valve actuators/Motor operated valve

There are many types of electric valve actuators. Such as actuated ball valve, Electric control valve...

What brand of electric valve actuator is better?

We have been manufacturing Valve Actuators for over 15 years. We offer Cost-effective Actuators and Valves with 2 years warranty...

Advantages of small electric actuated valve

1. Small size electric valve actuators have advanced parameters, such as working dead zone, basic error, and backlash indicators, etc., which have reached the world advanced level...

Explosion-proof electric butterfly valve actuator use environment

In addition to paying attention to the pipeline parameters, the explosion-proof electric butterfly valve also needs to pay attention to ...

How to choose the model of an actuator?

Multi-turn electric valve actuator, referred to as Z-type electric equipment, is the driving device for the valve...