FIVE points should be considered when choosing electric actuator valve

2020-03-12 11:38

01,electric motorized valve Output torque and rotary speed

If the valve actuator choose too large output torque, Once the control and protection of the electric valve actuator fails, it will easily bend the valve stem and the valve body will be damaged.

If the valve actuator choose too small output torque, the actuator can not rotary the valve, so can not open/close the electric valve.

Usually we choose 1.3 or 1.5 as safety factor, when choosing MOV actuator for industrial valves. Valve torque multiply 1.3 or 1.5, is the right actuator output torque we should use.

If do not have requirements on the open/close time, the motor operated valve device should choose a competitively slower output speed; because fast speeds need more motor power, which means need big size motor, which cost higher.

Picture:Actuated ball valve


02,Max thrust of electric valve actuator

If the valve axial force is borne by the electric valve actuator (the stem nut in the Actuator), the thrust value must not exceed the allowable value of the electric valve actuator.

03,Should know Max turns of the electric valve actuator stem nut

Choosing the multi-turn electric valve actuator device for electric gate valve, electric globe valve,electric control valve or big sizes electric ball valve, electric butterfly valve, the valve manufacturer must explain the maximum turns of the stem nut, to ensure actuator choose the right the gear speed ratio of the position indicator, so that the position indicator has sufficient accuracy to meet the observation of the valve opening and closing during the actuator valve working process.

Picture:Explosion-proof electric actuated ball valve

electric actuator valve,actuated ball valve.jpeg

04,Value of stem diameter of electric valve actuator

For electric gate valve, open rod gate valve.

When choosing an actuator, we should note the allowable diameter of the valve rod, the diameter of the valve rod must be less than this value.

Picture:Electric knife gate valve actuator

Electric gate valve.jpeg

05,Connection sizes

For installing the actuator to the valve, the actuator connection sizes must be the same with the valve,or it will not fit. For the existing sizes which dont fit, we can use adapter, coupling to make the sizes match.

Picture:Electric control valve

Electric control valve.jpeg